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Tempranillo wine

The Tempranillo wine is one of the most welcome wines in Spanish tables, since Spain is a major producer of this wine, and the grape it is manufactured with is present in a great number of Denominaciones de Origen of this country.

Tempranillo’s black grape, also known as la uva de los mil vinos (the grape of a thousand wines) gives the wine its unmatched taste and a medium body.

Characteristics that actually make a tempranillo special

  • Its alcohol content ranges from approximately 11% to 14% (due to its grape and aging period). Thanks to this, and to its medium acidity, it has become one of the staple wines at dinner tables across the peninsula.
  • Another factor that makes tempranillo an iconic wine is its aroma. Touches of fruit such as cherry and plum, spices (vanilla and clove), and hints of leather or tobacco can be detected.
  • The Spanish tempranillo has a peculiar flavor that mixes leather with cherry, which makes it a soft, yet lasting wine. The one produced in the United States, however, mixes cherry with tomato, and has a greater amount of tannins.
  • It is resistant to oxidation, which means it can be stored for a long time. As time passes, flavors notably intensify. In addition, it also has a great structure, which allows it to coexist with oak.

Tempranillo wine is usually young, since it normally lasts for a year and a half. However, it is possible to extend its aging time to obtain a tempranillo Reserva (3 years) and Gran Reserva (over 5 years).

Its versatility and characteristics have turned this wine into a hallmark across a number of dinner tables in Spain and many other countries. Do you want to enjoy it? At Axial Vinos we have at your disposal a carefully selected range of Spanish wines crafted under the most stringent quality standards. Try one of our tempranillos and experiment with its flavor.

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