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Rioja wine

The Rioja wine is today one of the most important Denominación de Origen, and of major significance in Spain. It is named after its place of origin, La Rioja, located to the north of the country –a major winemaking region.

These wines are certified and protected by a Regulatory Council that studies the production area, the techniques used and their ingredients. Thanks to the quality of the grapes used, and the particularity of the wine, in 1925 Rioja became the oldest Denominación de Origen in the country. Furthermore, in 1991 the region was awarded the Denominación de Origen Calificada classification, which guarantees its quality.

The black grape varieties used when manufacturing a Rioja are: tempranillo, garnacha, mazuelo, graciano, and Maturana tinta. And for white grapes: tempranillo blanco, malvasia, garnacha blanca, viura, Maturana blanca, chardonnay, turruntés, sauvignon blanc and verdejo.

Wines from Rioja are young and simple to drink. Their characteristics make them perfect for storage in wooden or oak barrels, since they can be stored for prolonged periods of time.

Production of this influential drink has varied throughout the years and with the technological evolution. This has resulted in there being two distinct types of Rioja nowadays: classic and modern.

Classic Rioja

Stored in oak barrels, this wine presents an intense red color and offers summerlike, fruity (mainly cherry and strawberry) aromas. Other characteristic scents can also be detected, such as chocolate, liquorice, aromatic flowers or spices.

This type of wine has consolidated as the ideal pair for any food, since it is perfectly suitable for a number of foods. When tasting it, the tannins and concentrated berries can be detected.

Modern Rioja

The color of a Rioja considered to be “modern” is deeper, and its flavor is lighter and fruiter. One of the major differences between one and the other is the storage time in oak barrels, in this case being shorter.

Enologists in the country, however, claim that the new production methods are succeeding in getting minimal differences between a classic and a modern Rioja, since the latter is increasingly getting closer to the former both in taste and aroma.

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