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Red wine

Several studies demonstrate that a moderate consumption of red wine offers great benefits to our physical and mental health. This type of wine contains antioxidants and various protective substances that, in conjunction with its flavor and texture, turn it into the preferred product of a large amount of fans.

How to know whether a red wine is a quality product

Determining whether a wine is good or bad depends on the tastes of each person. However, this type of wine has specific characteristics that may help us know whether it is a quality product: sweetness, acidity, body, tannins and fruit.

  • Sweetness. The sweetness or dryness of a wine is determined by the amount of sugar that remains after fermentation. In order to know how much sugar it contains, one should look at the glass’s borders: they will be more viscous the sweeter the wine is.
  • Acidity. This factor depends on the climate of the region where the grape is harvested. When looking for a light wine, it is ideal to go for those with greater acidity. If you prefer more body, you should go for those that have a lower acidity.
  • Body. This is determined by three components: alcohol content, manufacturing process and varietal it is made from. How do you determine whether a wine has a body? Through its transparency.
  • Tannins. Tannins are the presence of substances that give flavor a touch of bitterness, present in the seeds and skin of grapes. These elements give the wine a structure and balance, and prevent it from going sour as time passes. A good wine should have a large quantity of tannins, and they are detected by a feeling of dryness in the tongue when drinking the wine.
  • Fruit. Depending on the type of grape used to produce the wine, it will taste like other fruits such as blackberries or strawberries.

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