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Organic wine

At Axial Vinos we aim to care for the environment, which is why we have adopted sustainability as our philosophy. In line with this premise, we offer many varieties of organic wines.

What is organic wine?

A wine is categorized as “organic” when it is made with completely natural grapes; which in other words means that they have not been treated with chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc.). Additionally, the environment and soil need to be protected to guarantee their stability.

Conditions to consider a wine be truly organic

  • The harvest needs to be performed in a way that does not damage the raw materials, and only grapes of the highest quality are selected. During this process, those that have been affected by fungus will be discarded.
  • Alcohol fermentation has to use indigenous yeast (present in the must).
  • Plague control agrochemicals will be avoided. Instead, electric, adhesive or mechanical traps can be used, as well as physical barriers and sound or light-based repellents.
  • The wine should be contained exclusively in glass bottles, whether new or used.
  • As for the bottles’ stoppers, only natural or agglomerated cork stoppers can be used. For the latter, resins must be free from formalin and solvents, and under no circumstance should they contact the product.
  • Bottle capsules should be made out of wax, biodegradable plastic, aluminum or aluminum-tin.
  • In order to be certified as “organic”, the proper private institutions should guarantee the wine’s traceability and conditions. Without this certificate, the categorization cannot be obtained.

What is the difference between a traditional and an organic wine? The latter does not use chemicals, its quality is better when preserved, its flavor is intensified and it helps protect the environment due to the use of manure and compost; products that do not modify the nature of the grapes.

As opposed to what some skeptics believe, the flavor of organic wine does not change. Enjoying a good glass of wine that cares for the environment is possible; try the wines we offer at Axial Vinos and bring out your environmental awareness.

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