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Garnacha wine

One of the most well-known Spanish grapes during the last few years both locally and abroad is garnacha, which is used to manufacture a product that is highly valued nowadays: Garnacha wine.

One of the main features of the garnacha grape is its versatility. Garnacha blanca, tinta and tintorera allow for the manufacturing of different wines to be enjoyed on every occasion: pink, red, white, sweet and sparkling wines.

This grape has the particularity of having a great resistance to extreme temperature, and perfectly adapting to “poor” soil, despite being sensitive to plagues and diseases, which is why their harvest decreased significantly during the XX century.

Garnacha blanca (Grenache blanc)

It is a mutation of the garnacha tinta, even though it has greater resistance to dry, warm climates. This results in aromatic, fruity white wines, with moderate acidity and a high alcohol content.

Garnacha tinta (Grenache noir)

It is used to manufacture pink or sweet aromatic, acid wines, with a slightly intense color and a high alcohol content. Precautions should be taken with this variety, since it is sensitive to oxidation and aging.

Garnacha tintorera (Alicante Bouschet)

The name ‘tintorera’ is given because of its colored pulp and its bright purple color. Type of grape is used to manufacture dry wines with intense colors, mainly designed to make cocktails. Other characteristics are its acidity, a floral and fruity touch, and its moderate alcohol content.

Special, versatile, and a born survivor: Garnacha wine is one of the star products of Spain, and therefore, at Axial Vinos we offer you the chance to enjoy it.

We provide a varied selection of wines manufactured with this peculiar grape that is sure to please all palates, for experts and amateurs alike.

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