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La Granja 360 Cava

D.O. Cava


Mid-range Mid-range
Garnacha Xarel-lo, Parellada
Artisanal Vegan


La Granja 360 is a great wine to boost spirit: fun bubbles, refreshing taste and high level of complexity in it. A fine sparkling for the price. Try to taste it blind! Problably you end up thinking that costs twice as much as it really costs. It’s crisp, light and ideal for a quick gift or mimosa-fueled brunch.

You will enjoy… its fine bubbles and refreshing mouth filling.

Out of curiosity… Wine base becomes carbonated due to a second alcoholic fermentation in the bottle. During this process, the dead yeast cells form a sediment in the bottle called ‘lees’ that will add flavor and character during the ageing time. After ageing, the next step is to ‘disgorge’ (remove) the less from the bottle, which otherwise makes the wine hazy.

Did you know that…? Cava making in Spain dates back to the XVIII Century. Catalunya was the first region in embracing Champagne’s method of eleboration and quickly proved its maestry by turning cava into the world’s second sparkling wine in volume terms.

• Mediterranean vineyards in Alella (direct by the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona’s coast).
• Approx. 90 metres high.
• Plantation density up to 3,700 vines/Ha.
• Bush vines of autochthonous varieties.
• Bio control and hand cultivation.
Our History

Our History

Once upon a time, in a farm far, far away, lived a duck that dreamed of flying far, far away to a land of never-ending summers. The duck waited as time passed by, winter after winter. Then one summer day the sky opened, turning the clouds into giant gold bubbles. His feathers flew, merging with the persistent bubbles that sprung up continuously, and the farm got permeated by a warm breeze of white flowers and sweet fruits. Thus, the never-ending summer arrived to La Granja 360.

Josep Mª Pujol-Busquets
Raventós family
Winemarker notes
Winemaker notes:
Very pale golden-yellow color appearance with surprisingly fine bubbles. On the nose, it’s wide, intense and fruity with aromas of apples, pears and some lemon. On the palate, La Granja 360 Cava Brut is juicy and full with notes of bread, vanilla, ginger and orchard fruits. Really nice mid-palate and persistent long finish for a wine on its price.
Winemaking / Vinification:
• Traditional bottle-fermented method
• Cuvée at low pressure to obtain high quality must
• Separate vinification of each grape variety
• Blending of varietal wines obtained in the previous step to create the still, dry base wine
• Bottling of the dry base wine together with sugar and natural yeasts
• Becomes fizzy through a 15-month period in the bottle, during which second fermentation and ageing take place.
o During second alcoholic fermentation, the wine becomes sparkling and its dead yeast cells form a sediment in the bottle called ‘lees’.
o During ageing time, the lees slowly realses flavours into the wine (yeast autolysis), shaping its personality
• ‘Disgorging’ (removal) of the less from the bottle, which otherwise makes the wine hazy
• Addition of the best kept secret in the winery: the expedition liquor that endows its cava with the unique personality of the winery
Ageing time
Ageing time:
Minimum ageing of 12 months, during which the lees slowly realses flavours into the wine (yeast autolysis)
Oak kind
Oak kind:
Service temperature
Service temperature:
Well chilled at 7ºC
Perfect Pairings
Perfect Pairings:
Great by itself or with mimosas. Pairs well with a wide range of vegan appetizers like hummus. Ideal for a sparkling-fueled brunch or dinner with friends.
Latest Awards & ratings
Awards & accolades:
Gold Medal, Top 10 Sparkling wines of the world, Effervescents du Monde 2013
Expert´s reviews
Expert´s reviews:
The La Granja 360 Cava Brut is simply an incredible value in sparkling wine. It boasts a level of complexity and mouthfeel that belie it’s very modest price point… if I had tasted this blind I would have probably guessed that it cost twice as much as it does.
The Fermented Fruit Blog (USA)