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Cátulo Tinto Organic Wine

D.O. Navarra

Mid-range Mid-range
Garnacha Garnacha
Artisanal Organic
La Casa de Lúculo
• 100% ORGANIC Garnacha
• +35 years old
• Falces (Ribera Alta – in the middle belt of Navarra).
• 400 metres high
Our History

Our History

Bodegas La Casa de Lúculo is not another winery more, it is a personal dream. A journey that kick-started in 1999 far away from Navarra, in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) where the couple of oenologists Virginia Arranz and Juan Glaría met elaborating white Malvasia wines. Juan talked Virginia about the devastating threat of autochthonous Garnacha grapes in favor of foreign French varieties in his homeland, Navarra. He had discovered some hidden gems that remained forgotten in the zone of “Baja Montaña” of the Spanish wine region. It was clear for the couple that had to do something with such a discovery!

In words of Virginia Arranz: “We realized that could not fail to do something great with this unique finding: the heritage keeper of winemaking in Navarra. The question, however, arose as to how to get to the true origin of winemaking in Navarra, who did Spaniards learn from?

That was a question easy to be answered: ROME. Nevertheless, Rome was a huge term to address. Juan and me, were diving deeper into the great Roman culture and its roots in our country until finding out the two names that would define perfectly the soul of our winemaking project: CÁTULO+LÚCULO.

Catullus from Verona was the great Romantic poet of the late Roman Republic. He dared to write about personal life and feelings rather than about classical heroes. He’s still celebrated for his love poems to his platonic love: a married roman patrician called Clodia Metelli. His surviving works are still read widely, and continue to influence poetry and other forms of art in Spain.

Cátulo (the Spanish word for latin Catullus) should represent our organic wines. Those being natural, those who preserve the freshness of Garnacha fruit, those that convey the wildness and spontaneity of our land: the young romantic ones.”

Winemarker notes
Winemaker notes:
Gorgeous cherry, blueberry and further black fruit aromas combine with spice. Fighting for their protagonism, they show the aromatic strength of the variety. These same aromas turn themselves into exploding flavours on the palate. Soft ripe tannins maintain the wine alive for a long time.
Winemaking / Vinification:
• Alcoholic fermentation in concrete tanks at low temperature (18ºC) to preserve fruit quality
• Blending before completing second fermentation
Service temperature
Service temperature:
Perfect Pairings
Service suggestions:
Its fruit-driven style, freshness and soft structure make this a very versatile organic effort and can thus be matched with lots of foods. From grilled fish, salads to very serious meat. Enjoy!
Latest Awards & ratings
Awards & accolades:
Racimo de Plata, AMAVI, vintage 2016.
Rubí, Premios Vino y Mujer 2017, vintage 2016.