Axial Vinos Team

our greatest asset

Our team is our TOP #1 asset. Working as a family, we are humble, passionate and determined.

In AXIAL VINOS, we rely on the best professionals and personnel. Each and every member of our team shares the spirit and values of our company. They are passionate about wine, new trends and international affairs. Not only professionally but also from a personal perspective, they deserve special recognition for their capacity to turn difficulties into opportunities. Together with our clients, we smile to the future and grow day by day, learning from each other.

Meet our team!


Director & Owner

Passionately in love with wine, and Spain. Louis has dedicated his entire life to spreading our love for Spanish wine throughout the world. He’s the head of export and the visible face of Axial.

Director & Owner

Thoughtful, hard-working, and always up-to-date. Eugenie is in charge of turning the machinery of Axial Vinos and exploring Spain’s wine regions in search of the top No.1 hidden gems.

Bodem Winery

Winery Manager

Jolly and communicative. Juan is the nexus between Axial’s wineries and the project leader for our new winery in DO Cariñena.

Winery Administration
& Finance Management

Decisive and disciplined. Carmen Elena turns problems into easy solutions. She always will help you with kindness and a smile on her face.


Positive and cheerful, Manuel spreads happiness wherever he is. Our in-house oenologist is responsible for Axial’s best value wines.


Head of Administration
& Human Resources

Comprehensive and empathic. Our head of administrative affairs and human resources Carmen is always ready to listen to your management-related needs!

Chief Buyer, Logistics
& Quality Control

Self-reliant and agile, Olga makes international commerce look easy. If you need trade support or have any doubts about quality issues, Olga is your woman!


Proactive and meticulous, Alejandra is the face behind one of the key departments in the wellbeing of our company: billing and accounting procedures.

Sales & Export

Sales Support

Jolly and empathic, Ana is always ready to help our area managers. She’s the one who sends out all the information about our products and shipping samples to everybody all around the world.

Area Manager

Always with a smile, Jorge is the face of Axial Vinos in Spain. Contact him if you are in Spain and want to know more about our wines!

Export Area Manager

Our merry globetrotter, Maria José travels the world with the best selection of Axial’s portfolio. Don’t hesitate to contact her if you are in Europe, Africa or Japan.

Export Area Manager

Experienced and joyful, Edo is our man in the Netherlands and Belgium. If you’re a retailer or independent wine merchant based in these countries, Edo will be happy to help you out!


& Quality Control

Cheerful and always here to help you. Marta is aware of everything that happens in the press and costests about our wines. She is the one behind the organization of each fair in which we participate.

Product Development
& Innovation

Creative and beaming. Veronica is in charge of the good looking of our wines. Publicist and graphic designer, she’s the mind behind product development and innovation strategy.

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