Here at Axial Vinos we aim to offer you a selection of the best wines from the best and most renowned Spanish wine regions. We bet on Denominación de Origen products from well-established wineries and the highest quality.

What is Denominación de Origen (DO)?

It is a classification system used in Spain to guarantee a product’s quality based on its geographical region. Wine varies greatly depending on its origin, since the weather, raw materials and human factor directly affect its taste and texture.

Requirements for a wine to be classified as Denominación de Origen

Not all wines from a specific geographic location are classified as Denominación de Origen. The conditions they should comply with are as follows:

  • It is paramount for them to have a high prestige in the market, based for the most part on their origin.
  • They should be manufactured in the Denominación de Origen geographical area and with grapes exclusively from that region.
  • Unique characteristics and quality, attained thanks to their geography.
  • At least 5 years should have passed since the wine was recognized as a product of the region to be labeled as DO.

Despite most wine regions are limited to specific production locations, there are certain labels that are frequently seen in more than one Autonomous Community.

Axial Vinos is constantly searching for wines from Spanish wine regions that preserve the essence of Spain. We work with industry professionals to guarantee the quality of all the products we offer. We have wineries of our own in the country: Pagos del Moncayo in Campo de Borja, and La Casa de Lúculo in Navarra.

It is no coincidence that Spain is nowadays the third wine producer in the world. Come meet the world of Axial Vinos and discover the wide range of wines the country has to offer.