Prados PRIVÉ dresses up to celebrate the X ANNIVERSARY of Bodega Pagos del Moncayo.

Non-stop celebration of the 10th Anniversary of our Bodega Pagos del Moncayo! It has been 10 years packed with illusion, passion and culture. Back in 2006, we took that deeply rooted Campo de Borja’s wine culture for granted and we kick-started an alternative project that aimed to reflect this winemaking culture throughout an innovative artisanal elaboration process.

Do you know how everything kick-started?

Pagos del Moncayo is the only winery located in Vera del Moncayo. It occupies what it was one of the territories under the jurisdiction of Veruela Monastery and that closeness to the monastery sparked our curiosity about wine making in Veruela.

We looked back away, far away to the times of Templar Knights to understand how wine turned into a major economic pillar in Campo de Borja. It was in 1146 when Pedro de Atarés called the Templar knights to action in order to revitalize the region. We discovered that those ‘warrior’ monks not only enriched the area with new spiritual and cultural values, but also economic and political. They revived that winemaking culture Romans brought to Spain centuries ago and created a modern irrigation system that spread the vine cultivation across Campo de Borja.

Veruela was one of the most relevant Cistercian foundations in Spain and the first one in Aragon. The monastery made winemaking popular in Campo de Borja and got to be one of the first places in being recognized by its wines across Spain. We fell in love with those stories of brave men that transformed a marshy ground in fertile vineyards and still today, Pagos del Moncayo uses the traditional elaboration techniques monks used in the 12th Century.

After 10 years of alternative winemaking it has been proved that our philosophy creates more and more fans across the world. We wanted our wines to be easily recognized by their artisanal character and after having launched the new image of our wine family, we were still looking forward to surprising you again. We’ve been working on the premiumisation of our TOP wine: our PRADOS PRIVÉ.

Our winery’s flagship could not fail to show the values of our winery! Premium, artisanal and sustainable! This is how the new Jubilee edition of Prados Privé looks like! ENJOY!