The passion for terroir joins up Bordeaux University and Bodem Bodegas

The passion for terroir joins up Bordeaux University and Bodem Bodegas Previous item BERLINER WINE TROPHY ... Next item Axial Vinos in ProWein 2019

Bodem Bodegas has signed a collaboration agreement with the prestigious Bordeaux Sciences Agro University College for the research and development of the quality of vineyards and wines. Bodem means soil in Dutch, hence the importance of terroir for the winery.

The aim of Bodem Bodegas, with its commitment to innovation, is adding complexity and singularity to its wines by recovering the essence of the terroir from which they come to be a reference in Spain for its excellent Garnacha grape wines. This will be achieved from the inventorization of the vineyards, focusing on the soil and the impact on the quality of the wines. To this end, it will be necessary to understand what type of terroir is best to plant Garnacha or Cariñena grape variety, better known as Mazuela. To carry out this research, a methodology for analyzing farms and terroirs has been developed providing tools so that Bodem Bodegas is able to control and evaluate the potential of every single vineyard.

The agreement will initially have a duration of one year, although it can be extended. First results will be presented in May 2020. The project has started with the selection of plots in the Sierra de Algairén area, in the province of Zaragoza. In these selected plots some measuring stations have been installed in order to measure the climate and humidity of the vineyard. In addition, the different phenological stages of the vine will be studied to decide the most beneficial works for the vineyards. During these months, professors and students of the University of Bordeaux will visit the vineyards to take samples and they will also carry out micro-winemaking processes in the winery for assessing the potential of the grapes.

“More than 20 years ago we, Eugenie and I, were strong believers of the huge potential of the Cariñena region in the province of Zaragoza. Not a surprise given that the Roman Empire was under the same impression. Wine produced here from the Garnacha grape has always played a crucial role in life, gastronomy, economy and culture”, says Louis Geirnaerdt, who is the winery´s owner.

With this important investment in R&D, Bodem Bodegas aims to improve the quality of its wines year after year, seeking differentiation with the characteristics of climate, soils and grape varieties which are representative of Cariñena’s area.

Bodem Bodegas, located in the town of Almonacid de las Sierra, is the last winery to join DOP Cariñena. Bodem Bodegas belongs to the company Axial Vinos, which celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year, reinforcing this year its project in Aragon and its bet for Garnacha grape. Axial Vinos also owns Bodega Pagos del Moncayo (DO Campo de Borja) and La Casa de Lúculo (DO Navarra), both wineries are known for their uniqueness in wine production.