Bodem Bodegas expands the Las Margas family with a Super Premium red, Las Margas Los Cerezos

Bodem Bodegas expands the Las Margas family with a Super Premium red wine, Las Margas Los Cerezos.

Bodem Bodegas located in the Cariñena PDO, in the heart of the Sierra de Algairén, launches a new wine, Las Margas Los Cerezos. On this occasion, Bodem Bodegas expands the Las Margas family with a limited edition of 2,650 bottles of a Super Premium red wine.  This Garnacha red joins Las Margas Garnacha Tinto, Las Margas Garnacha Blanca and the only rosé made from vidadillo grapes in Spain, Las Margas Vidadillo.   

Las Margas Los Cerezos is an expression of the terroir of Belerma, one of the vineyards owned by Bodem Bodega. In this idyllic spot located at 650 meters above sea level, in the Sierra de Algairén, an impressive mountain Garnacha is grown.  The name of the wine «Los Cerezos» is in honor of the previous owner, Salvador, who asked the winery to keep the cherry trees that accompanied the vineyard in order to maintain them himself.

A very special wine, as we can see in the explanation of its back label: «The fauna of the forest, the flight of birds among wild cherry trees. A pure and essential nature surrounds one of our most special Garnacha plots. In the wildest face of the Sierra de Algairén, an agile, deep and mineral wine is born».

The grapes are harvested by hand and selected when they arrive at the winery in boxes of fifteen kilos. Once selected, part of the grapes are destemmed and lightly crushed, and the stalks are used from the other part. A peculiarity of this process is that dry ice is used to quickly lower the temperature of the grapes. The Garnacha is kept at 10 ºC for five to seven days in pre-fermentation maceration to extract all the peculiarities of the vineyard’s terroir. 

The wine is then fermented with its indigenous yeasts at a temperature of 24 ºC for approximately 14 days in open fermenters and in ovoid polyethylene tanks. During fermentation, the grapes are gently crushed once or twice a day in these large containers, gently trodden with the feet and soaked twice a day in the shade.

The wine macerates post-fermentation for 28 days before pressing. It is then transferred to a 600-liter foudre and three 500-liter French oak barrels with light to medium toasting, where it remains for 10 months on its lees. Once the malolactic fermentation is complete, the wine is racked to clean the gross lees and continues to age on the lees in static conditions in the same barrels.

Finally, the wine comes out stable, so it does not undergo any stabilization process, only a slight clarification and a light filtering before bottling. Before its release to the market, the wine remains in the bottle for 10 months.

This production is the result of the great effort made by the winery’s team under the supervision of Manuel Castro, winemaker, and Luis Geirnaerdt, field technician. Bodem Bodegas is a disruptive winery focused on innovation and sustainability. Bodem is committed to the quality of its vegan wines, zero impact on the environment and innovation in production techniques.

For Bodem Bodegas, the word sustainable means implementing methods and means that can create a circular style of agriculture and production, so that all production processes are optimized to reduce energy consumption and discard as little material as possible.

The objective of Bodem Bodegas is to ensure that the products they work with are used as efficiently as possible, whether by recycling bottling auxiliary materials, using lees or grape marc for distillation or using grape stalks for green manure.

It has also opted to be energy self-sufficient with the installation of solar panels in the winery, designed to maintain a stable temperature passively, thus reducing the use of refrigeration equipment.

All these actions have led Bodem Bodegas to achieve the ECO-PROWINE seal and to reaffirm itself as a sustainable winery. Since its foundation in 2017, the last winery to be part of the Cariñena PDO, has always worked showing a great commitment to the environment.

In addition, in terms of field work, Bodem Bodegas is committed to dry-farmed vineyards. This means that they do not use any irrigation system, taking advantage only of the low rainfall in the Cariñena area, between 350 and 450 mm. per year on average.

This use of water translates, on the one hand, into lower CO2 emissions from the use of machinery and, on the other hand, into a way of creating a space with less human intervention.

Finally, we can affirm that Las Margas Los Cerezos is the result of respect for the origin and the environment. The work of Bodem Bodegas and its ability to explore, research and innovate is the basis to be better every day. Las Margas Los Cerezos is «the key to yes: yes, it is nature; yes, it is passion; yes, it is art». The winery is committed to the value of craftsmanship, to the commitment to the future of all and to the effort, affection and dedication with which they make each of their wines.

Serving temperature: 15ºC

Pairing: The perfect complement to wild fish, white meats, spoon dishes and meat carpaccios.

Tasting notes: Las Margas Los Cerezos is characterized by an intense red color with a violet rim. Medium intensity on the nose; its finesse and great complexity stand out. Invading aromas of ripe red forest fruits, thyme, dried flowers, scree and hints of undergrowth. A red wine with a fluid, dynamic and lively passage, with a vibrant acidity that brings great length and depth to the wine. The tannins are ripe but friendly. On the palate, wild berries, blackberry and flowers, such as violets, stand out again.

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