Bodem Bodegas obtains the ECO-PROWINE seal and reaffirms its position as a sustainable winery

Bodem Bodegas obtains the ECO-PROWINE seal and reaffirms itself as a sustainable winery.

Bodem Bodegas achieves one of its objectives by obtaining the ECO-PROWINE seal. Since its foundation in 2017, the last winery to be part of the Cariñena PDO, has always worked showing a great commitment to the environment.

Bodem Bodegas’ sustainable commitment is based on defending policies that support the environment, the fight against climate change and the development of more natural products.

A family winery that is committed to vegan wines made from native grapes, respecting the terroir, and that considers innovation and zero impact as the main axis of its activity.

The Geirnaerdt – van EKeris couple, owners of Bodem Bodegas, have always advocated that protecting the environment has a very positive consequence, it saves life.

Bodem Bodegas, sustainable winery.

We live in a constantly changing world, with an increasingly unstable climate and loss of biodiversity.

This has led Bodem Bodegas to develop a sustainability plan to address these uncertainties.

Bodem Bodegas’ strategy is very ambitious and its main objective is to ensure that present and future generations can enjoy wines made in sustainable environments that represent the maximum expression of the terroir.

Sustainability is not an unknown term, most companies include it in their philosophy and there are many that put it into practice and this is the commitment that Bodem Bodegas has with the environment, with society and ultimately, with all its customers.

Some of the materialized actions that Bodem Bodegas has carried out, since its foundation in 2017, is the placement of solar panels due to the benefits it means to curb climate change.

In recent years, in order to encourage the use of this type of energy, the cost of solar panels has been reduced and the payback period has been shortened.

Sustainable winemaking, natural materials.

In addition, the winery has its own water well, being 100% self-sufficient.

In terms of production, the winery uses recycled materials, such as crates and bottles.

In this regard, the weight of the Las Margas wine bottle has been modified to make it lighter and thus reduce its impact on the environment.

Lead and tin capsules are also not used. In addition, the inks used in the bottle labels do not contain carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic materials.

The winery does not understand its daily activity without thinking about the ecosystem, considering sustainability a work philosophy.

For us to have a good future, we have to think about the present and, above all, about the environment.

Bodem Bodegas, at the foot of the Sierra de Algairén.

Bodem bodegas is a disruptive winery focused on sustainability.

It disrupts the wine industry for the benefit of its customers, winegrowers and its people.

Bodem Bodegas se encuentra en el corazón de la Sierra de Algairén; cuna y lugar de nacimiento de la uva Garnacha.

Bodem is committed to the quality of its vegan wines, zero impact on the environment and innovation in production techniques.

The family winery group Axial Vinos, to which Bodem Bodegas belongs, has its three wineries certified as sustainable by obtaining the ECO-PROWINE seal: Pagos del Moncayo (DO Campo de Borja), La Casa de Lúculo (PDO Navarra) and Bodem Bodegas (PDO Cariñena).


ECO-PROWINE is a seal that indicates the winery’s sustainability in the wine production process throughout the entire winemaking chain.

The objective of ECO-PROWINE is to provide a framework for evaluation and benchmarking as a guide towards the reduction of environmental impacts in the wine sector without reducing the quality of the final product.

Wineries endorsed by the ECO-PROWINE seal have an above-average production process in terms of sustainability and the quality of their wine remains excellent.

It recognizes and rewards wineries committed to the path towards environmental sustainability and that achieve predefined sustainability actions.

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