Axial Vinos at Prowein 2022, a great success!

The most important international wine fair in Germany, Prowein, was a great success for Axial Vinos.

ProWein is the world’s leading trade fair for wine and spirits, the sector’s largest gathering for professionals from the wine growing, production, trade and gastronomy sectors.

Each year, ProWein offers three days of concentrated business and a very promising supporting program.

For Axial Wines it is a very special moment, because after a couple of years without being able to see their customers, they have been able to enjoy with them tastings with a lot of flavor and happiness. In their spectacular stand, they have been present wines from their three wineries, Bodem Bodegas, Pagos del Moncayo and La Casa de Lúculo.

Luis, Bodem Bodegas field technician, at the Axial Vinos stand, Prowein 2022.

A story of love and passion for wine.

In 1991, wine and romance lured Eugenia and Luis south.

Eugenie van Ekeris and Louis Geirnaerdt in the barrel room of Bodem Bodegas.

They travel from their home country, the Netherlands, to Spain.

They discover that the richness of their soils, climate and grapes has a lot of potential, so they decide to start making the best wines for wine lovers, better wines for their winemakers and better wines for the wine world.

They begin this wonderful adventure with the formation of Axial Vinos.

Axial Vinos family wineries are a team of wine experts who strive, live and love making high quality Spanish wines.

«Our purpose is to make Spanish wines that are sustainable, organic, artisanal and respectful of our winemakers and our world.» Eugenie van Ekeris.

Bodem Bodegas.

Pagos del Moncayo.

La Casa de Lúculo.

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