Pagos del Moncayo spices up your weekends.

Pagos del Moncayo spices up your weekends. Come to visit us!

Come to visit us and taste our wines!

Do you want to visit the Pagos del Moncayo winery? Enjoy the PRADOS experience and share it with family or friends.

The Pagos del Moncayo winery is located in Campo de Borja, in an environment that is home to some of the most renowned natural and cultural treasures of Aragon. Given the proximity to Vera del Moncayo and its privileged location in the province of Zaragoza, the beauty and richness of the environment in which we produce our wines are incomparable.


Pagos del Moncayo is the result of a family dream, to transmit through its wines all the passion and experience resulting from centuries of tradition in the cultivation of Garnacha grapes in the lands of Campo de Borja.

The philosophy of the winery is to make wines with the utmost respect for the environment and that clearly reflect their origin. Thus obtaining the highest quality and honesty in our wines.

Harvesting by hand

With the aim of combining tradition and technique, from the beginning they opted for an artisanal production method. All the work in the vineyard, from pruning to harvesting, is done entirely by hand, which makes PRADOS wines retain the purest flavor of this land and gives them a strong personality. They apply artisanal methods both in the care of the vineyard and in the winemaking process in the winery.


The vineyards of Pagos del Moncayo are cultivated organically and controlling the yield by discarding clusters to ensure the maximum quality of the remaining grapes. The grapes are harvested by hand, in small boxes. The vinification of the reds is carried out in a completely artisanal way with the traditional crushing of the grapes in open vats to obtain the maximum character of the free-run juice and malolactic fermentation.


Es una de las pocas bodegas en las que se practica el slow winemaking, método que le ha valido el reconocimiento de ECO-PROWEIN, que certifica que los niveles de emisión de CO2 de la bodega están muy por debajo de la media europea. Es un referente europeo en la produción de vinos sostenibles por el proyecto de la UE ECO-PROWEIN.

ECO-PROWINE is the proof of its respect for the environment.

Would you like to visit our winery?

If you would like to learn more about Pagos del Moncayo and are interested in visiting the winery, tasting its four wines (Prados Fusión, Prados Colección Garnacha, Prados Colección Syrah and Prados Privé) and having an aperitif, please write to to reserve a date and time and request information on conditions and prices.

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