Axial Vinos launches CHLOSS, a NATURALLY sophisticated wine.

Axial Vinos launches CHLOSS, a NATURALLY sophisticated wine.

Axial Vinos launches CHLOSS, a 100% natural wine, in the production of which no ingredients have been used other than grapes from organic agriculture, harvested by hand.

No additives. Pure and authentic. All winemaking processes are natural, allowing the grape variety to express itself with minimal oenological intervention.

The objective of the winery La Casa de Luculo, owned by the Zaragozan winemaking group Axial Vinos, has been to produce a sophisticated, high quality, organic and natural Garnacha wine, made by a team of experienced women winemakers.

Eugenie, Virginia and Cristina are the creators of CHLOSS, an encounter between nature and elegance.

Chloss Terroir, natural elaboration.

A deliciously created imbalance. Chloss respects the purist discipline of winemaking.

This is the first time Axial Vinos has made a natural wine to reinvent its notion in a contemporary way. To give it light, to combine matter and deconstruct its own structure.

Thanks to our heritage and our continuous innovation, we make elegant, smooth and sophisticated organic Garnacha wines with little intervention.

Chloss is an encounter between nature and elegance.

The wines of the winery are: Cátulo Rosado y Cátulo Tinto; Lúculo Origen y Lúculo Garnacha Blanca.

Chloss, the latest addition to the winery, is an encounter between the freshness of the Cátulo wines and the elegance of the Lúculo wines and has become the true obtainable luxury of Garnacha in Navarra.

The winery La Casa de Lúculo, located in Mendigorría, Navarra, works small elaborations with grapes selected a la carte to create its signature wines Cátulo and Lúculo, always from the autochthonous variety of Navarra: the Atlantic Garnacha.

Axial Vinos launches Chloss.

Axial Vinos is a family winemaking group formed by a team of wine experts who live and love making delicious and attractive quality Spanish wines.

The Aragonese company owns three wineries: Bodem Bodegas (PDO Cariñena), Pagos del Moncayo (DO Campo de Borja) and La Casa de Lúculo (PDO Navarra).

Tasting notes: Young Garnacha red wine, with a soft, bright and lively color. It highlights the very fresh red fruit, especially strawberries, to which aromatic herbs are added. Very pleasant on the palate, easy to drink.

Accompanying suggestions:

Ideal with pasta and rice dishes, white meats and soft cheeses.

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