Tips for pairing Christmas with Axial Vinos

Tips for pairing Christmas with Axial Wines.

Every year when these dates approach we worry about decorating the Christmas tree, cooking the dish that most pleases the family, decorating the table as beautiful as possible, finding the gift that will surprise that special person, … In short, trying to please and make our family and friends happy. But this list lacks a detail, which over the years has become essential, what wine to choose to pair the dishes that are part of our Christmas menu.

Axial Vinos recommends a special selection of white, rosé and red wines to accompany your most special dishes and become a true sommelier:

From the Cariñena PDO we present Las Margas Garnacha Blanca, the perfect ally for baked sea bass, salmon tartar with avocado or red shrimp carpaccio. Pasta with marinated sauces, grilled white meat or organic chicken seasoned with herbs and lemon, create a perfect combination with this energetic Garnacha Blanca. Taste it to discover the authentic essence of white Garnacha made at Bodem Bodegas.

Another white wine to accompany your Christmas menu is Lúculo Garnacha Blanca, a limited edition made at La Casa de Lúculo (DO Navarra). Thanks to its aromatic intensity, white Garnacha  pairs well with a wide variety of dishes such as fish, seafood, cold starters and rice dishes. It pairs especially well with soft and creamy cheeses such as Camembert.

Don´t forget the rosé wine in your Christmas menus. A chameleon wine, which adapts to any dish of the Christmas menu. Made at La Casa de Lúculo, Cátulo Rosado pairs perfectly with the different gastronomic styles you want your guests to enjoy. A Garnacha rosé that goes well with fish, seafood, starters, cheeses, meats and even desserts. Have you ever thought of pairing a wine with a dessert? Well, even if it is the last dish on the menu, you should not forget it.

And finally, two red wine recommendations: Las Margas Garnacha Tinto, from Bodem Bodegas; and Prados Privé, from Pagos del Moncayo. With either of the two alternatives, your guests will be surprised by the ease with which both wines harmonize with most dishes.

Las Margas Garnacha Tinto is a safe bet when it comes to accompanying both vegan and meat dishes. The intensity of the flavor of the meat is proportional to the intensity of the wine, the stronger the meat, the more intense the wine. On the other hand, we suggest Prados Privé as an ally of lamb stews, grilled steak or lobster stew. A limited edition 100% Syrah with a long and generous finish.

Most of the wines we have recommended for this holiday season are made with Garnacha grapes. The Garnacha grape is one of our favorites. We can say that we are Mastering Garnacha, specialists in the elaboration of wines from Garnacha grapes.

At Christmas celebrations, we not only have to choose the wine to pair with a particular dish, but also the serving temperature. Depending on the type of wine, it is advisable to serve it at a certain temperature to get the maximum potential of its aromas and flavor. Red wines should be served at 14 ºC, a higher temperature than white and rosé wines, which should be served between 7 ºC and 10 ºC. In addition, one way to maintain the temperature of white and rosé wine is in an ice bucket with ice or a cooler case.

Remember that the glasses in which the wine will be served must be special for this type of beverage. In a glass of water, for example, we cannot appreciate all the properties of the wine. For this, there are different glasses that will allow you to appreciate them. In addition, to look like an expert in front of your guests, use a decanter to oxygenate the wine and an anti-drip stopper to avoid stains, difficult to remove, on tablecloths and clothes.

Wine is part of the Christmas celebrations, part of our culture and of our happy moments, and there are so many stories behind every toast! Enjoy great moments to remember with Axial Vinos.

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