What does the media say about Axial Vinos?

They talk about us in the media!

Axial Vinos, a family winery group specialized in the production of Garnacha wines from Aragón and Navarra, is making headlines in the media for all the advances achieved in the world of wine.

The media are publishing news and articles about our companies and our way of working the Garnacha grape.

El Periódico de Aragón, the national magazine Mi Vino, Enjoy Zaragoza, the Dutch distribution company Hanos and the prestigious Dutch magazine Perswijn, are the media that have been interested in Axial Vinos and its owned wineries.

Do you want to know what they say about us?

National news

Bodem Bodegas, the essence of the Cariñena PDO Garnacha grape variety

Las Margas Tinto and Las Margas Garnacha Blanca express the environment of La Sierra de Algairén.

One family. One land. One dream. After more than 30 years working and living by and for Spanish wine, the Geirnaerdt-van Ekeris family found in the land of Cariñena, the cradle of Garnacha, their new home and the fulfillment of a dream: the creation of Bodem Bodegas in 2016, joining… Read more

National news

Garnacha lovers

The incandescent Garnacha, which ignites passions with its wild versatility, is the common thread of Axial Vinos, where it stitches together the destinies of three very different regions -Navarra, Campo de Borja and Cariñena-, each with its own style, vision and type of terroir.

This family winemaking group, founded in 1999, is the personal project of the Geirnaerdt-Van Ekeris, a Dutch couple who bet everything on Garnacha: «This grape plays a fundamental role in all our wineries, and it grows very well in the climatic conditions and… Read more

National news

Recover great moments with Axial Vinos

How many moments have you missed celebrating because of the pandemic? Recover special moments and create great memories with Axial Vinos wines.

Axial Vinos is a family winemaking group, owned by a Dutch couple, which owns several wineries, two of them in Aragón: Bodem Bodegas in the Cariñena PDO and Pagos del Moncayo in the Campo de Borja DO.

Axial Vinos is committed to sustainability, grape quality and people. People to whom we want to thank for the support received during… Read more

International news

The best of Spanish Garnacha

In the late 1980s, wine and romance attracted Eugenie van Ekeris and Louis Geirnaerdt to Spain.

With their studies in law and geology, they end up working among vineyards. It is here that they learn from the main wine producers and, after ten years, they fall in love with the Garnacha grape.

Once they start their adventure, they begin to improve the mentality of… Read more

International news

Bodem Bodegas: Natural balance

Many people who start with no previous knowledge in an activity, run the risk of buying a domain (too) expensive, making a large investment. And that investment is difficult to recover, especially if you have no experience in the world of wine. Louis

Geirnaerdt and Eugenie van Ekeris realized this and started this adventure from the ground up.

They first gained experience in wine sales before starting their own winemaking project.

Their dream came true when in 2016, they created their own… Read more

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