Bodem bodegas installs solar panels to protect the environment

Bodem Bodegas is committed to sustainable wines thanks to the installation of solar panels in its winery.

«We work for the future, we protect the environment.» Eugenie van Ekeris, CEO Axial Vinos.

Bodem Bodegas, located in the Cariñena PDO, is a modern winery highly focused on innovation and committed to the environment.

Earlier this year, the winery installed 147 solar panels on an area of 291m2 to supply its own electricity. This is why Bodem is not just another winery, but a firm commitment to environmental management.

Since it was created in 2016, Bodem has considered, as one of its main objectives, to incorporate in its daily activity actions aimed at promoting production in a natural way, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing energy dependence.

It is difficult to imagine the total energy consumption of a bottle of wine or the energy needs involved in the different stages of the winemaking process.

Bodem Bodegas has opted for the use of photovoltaic solar energy to reduce costs, reduce CO2 emissions and respect the ecosystem.

With solar panels, the light energy received from the sun is transformed and can be used as electrical energy. A 100% renewable, clean and non-polluting energy.

In 2018, the Ministry of the Environment conducted a study indicating that the average expenditure per wine company ranges between 20,000 and 80,000 euros per year, with the total energy expenditure in wine production in Spain being 400 million kilowatt hours.

Bodem Bodegas, a sustainable project

Despite the fact that the installation of solar panels is not well established in the winery sector, Bodem Bodegas has decided to include them in its sustainable project. This decision has been taken due to the benefits it has for slowing down climate change.

In recent years, in order to encourage the use of this type of energy, the cost of solar panels has been reduced and the payback period has been shortened.

In addition, the winery has its own water well, making it 100% self-sufficient. In terms of production, the winery uses recycled materials, such as crates and bottles.

In this regard, the weight of the Las Margas wine bottle has been modified to make it lighter and thus reduce its impact on the environment. Neither lead nor tin capsules are used.

In addition, the inks used in the bottle labels do not contain carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic materials.

Bodem Bodegas supports sustainability, the environment and measures to curb climate change.

The winery doesn´t understand its daily activity without thinking about the ecosystem, considering sustainability a work philosophy. For us to have a good future, we have to think about the present and, above all, about the environment.

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