Prados de Rosas vino de Pagos del Moncayo

Pagos del Moncayo expands the family with Prados de Rosas

La bodega Pagos del Moncayo situada en la DO. Campo de Borja, a los pies del Moncayo, comienza el año 2021 con el lanzamiento de un nuevo vino, Prados de Rosas. La bodega ha reinventado la elaboración de un vino recuperando la mezcla de las uvas Garnacha Tinta y Macabeo.

Pagos del Moncayo has managed to produce a different wine, which surprises from the label to its characteristic flavor and aroma. A wine with which you can «Feel the flavor in every heartbeat», as the slogan that will accompany it throughout the year indicates.

The launch campaign begins in February, the month in which Valentine’s Day is also celebrated, a day to share, give and enjoy a wine, such as Prados de Rosas.

The Pagos del Moncayo range is completed with Prados de Rosas, an innovative wine not only for the winemaking process but also for the aesthetics of the label. A label that breaks with the watercolor drops design of the Prados wines.

This time the image, which simulates a mountain landscape on watercolor, transports us to the Moncayo mountain range, to a natural and fresh environment, like wine.

The colors chosen, a pink chromatic range, are marked by the type of wine it is and by the grapes used: light tones represent the Macabeo grape; and brighter tones represent the Garnacha grape.

The main objective of this launch is to offer the consumer a new line of wine, which differs from the elaboration, aesthetics and taste of rosé wine. 

What makes Prados de Rosas special is the winemaking process in which manual methods have been applied in the harvest and in the meticulous selection of the bunches in the vineyard.

Grape treading Pagos del Moncayo
Grape treading in Pagos del Moncayo artisanal production and sustainable winery.

The technique used to make the new wine is by bleeding the must of the two grape varieties. Fermentation is carried out at a very low temperature. In the final phase, the wine rests on its lees for several months. This type of winemaking avoids any aggressive filtration. In addition, stabilization has been carried out by natural means and minimum sulfur content has been used to protect all the aromatic and color characteristics of the wine, obtaining an enveloping sensation in the mouth. 

Prados de Rosas has a very pale pink color. On the nose, aromas of white flowers and stone fruit, such as peach and papaya, stand out.

In the mouth, it surprises for its freshness, very velvety texture and balanced structure. It is characterized for being an enveloping wine with flavors of cherry, pomegranate and tropical fruits, which provide a long and persistent finish.  Prados de Rosas can be enjoyed with rice dishes, ceviche and fish or as a refreshing drink.

Prados de Rosas is a limited and very special edition. With this launch, Pagos del Moncayo materializes the illusion of expanding the family with a wine different from those it makes.

A risky bet, especially in the times in which we live, and a way to thank the loyalty of the consumer. With Prados de Rosas begins a new stage in the history of Pagos del Moncayo, with a view to the future, but without forgetting its past and its traditional origins.  

Serving temperature: 7 – 10 ºC.

Pairing: Soft cheeses, Nikkei cuisine, fish, ceviche, rice and poultry dishes. It is also a very good choice as a refreshing drink.

Tasting notes: Very pale pink color. The nose is highlighted by aromas of white flowers, stone fruit such as peach and papaya. The palate is fresh, velvety and enveloping, with flavors of cherry, pomegranate and tropical fruits. Long and persistent finish.

Prados de Rosas Pagos del Moncayo Rosé Wine

The Winery, Pagos del Moncayo

The philosophy of Pagos del Moncayo is to make wines with the utmost respect for the environment and that clearly reflect their origin. In this way, maximum quality and honesty are obtained in the Prados wines.

Pagos del Moncayo is one of the few wineries where «slow winemaking» is practiced.

The elaboration of the red wines is carried out in a totally artisanal way, with open presses, traditional treading of the grapes and 100% artisanal vinification. This method has earned Pagos del Moncayo the Eco-Prowine recognition, which certifies that the winery’s emission levels (low CO2 emissions) are well below the European average.

The exceptional Prados red wines are made from Garnacha and Syrah grapes. These grapes are what give the wines their personality.

Pagos del Moncayo winery facade
Pagos del Moncayo winery facade

The Pagos del Moncayo winery belongs to the Axial Vinos winemaking group, as do Bodem Bodegas (PDO Cariñena) and La Casa de Lúculo (DO Navarra). Axial Vinos owns these three family wineries whose objective is to make quality wines from the Garnacha grape.

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